HFF to Attend the Global Property Market Conference in Toronto

Friday, November 16, 2018

Members of HFF’s Global Capital team will attend the 13th Annual Global Market Property Conference hosted by Canadian Real Estate Forums on November 27, 2018, in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. HFF is also hosting the event’s networking luncheon as one of the event sponsors. 

The conference theme is “International Opportunities and Challenges Explored: Elevated Knowledge for an Unpredictable Global Real Estate Market.” According to Canadian Real Estate Forums promotional materials, the event, which offers a full day of educational panels and speakers, aims to be an “intimate and informative opportunity for strategic information and networking on investment, capital flow and development in tier-one countries, growing economies and emerging markets around the world.”

HFF's delegation of cross border capital advisors will include Senior Managing Directors Jaime Fink and Chad Lavender and Managing Directors David GiancolaGraham Stephens and John Starkie.

Additionally, Mr. Stephens will moderate the closing roundtable, which will discuss key considerations when working with partners and co-investors and touch on things like LP rights, capital, governance, liquidity, fees and more. Below, Mr. Stevens answers some questions about the state of the global commercial real estate market.

 Q&A with Graham Stephens

  • What are international investors looking for right now?  It’s difficult to generalize since global investors are a wide-ranging bunch, but, typically late in cycles, we see a shift toward a preference for current yield or risk adjusted value which means one of two things: best in class assets or development opportunities.
  • Looking a little ahead, what do you anticipate 2019 will look like for global investment?  Global investment in the United States will outpace 2017/2018 with the huge caveat that China will remain largely idle for a host of different reasons. 
  • What are the biggest obstacles to investing across borders and how do you overcome those?  Depending on the source of the capital, it typically relates to making the investment in a tax-efficient structure or balancing current hedging costs that various groups need to satisfy (and subsequently the U.S. does not seem as attractive).
  • What geographic areas/countries are investors drawn to currently and why?  The traditional thought is that global investors like the large gateway cities in the U.S. because there’s liquidity, scale and they typically have a knowledge base of those markets from travel or personal experience. The interesting thing that continues to evolve is the sophistication of the global community and their willingness to venture into other high-growth markets for new/different challenges. Those markets include Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver and others.

About Graham Stephens

Managing Director Graham Stephens is a member of HFF’s Global Capital Team and has 15 years of experience in commercial real estate and finance. Working out of the firm's New York office, he focuses primarily on large investment advisory transactions with an emphasis on office and retail properties. Throughout his career, Mr. Stephens has participated in the completion of more than $16 billion in real estate transactions.

Mr. Stephens joined the firm in March 2016. He is a member of Urban Land Institute’s New York District Council Advisory Board and is civically involved on the board of the Books for Kids organization, the GLT and Museum of Modern Art in New York.

About HFF's Global Capital Team

Since 2012, HFF has closed more than $80 billion of gross real estate value in over 700 transactions involving cross border capital across our debt, investment advisory, and equity placement lines of business. HFF’s Global Capital Team was established in 2006 and includes 17 dedicated professionals who are focused on accessing overseas capital for both our U.S. and U.K./Europe business. These select HFF senior management professionals develop and maintain close relationships with investment decision makers worldwide. With this approach, HFF sends dedicated team members to all regions of the world engaging, informing and educating global investors face to face about the opportunities within the major markets of the U.S. and U.K./Europe. HFF has representatives traveling internationally 52 weeks a year, oftentimes with large institutional clients of the firm.

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