Self Storage Overview

HFF's self storage professionals offer comprehensive services, specialized experience, and knowledgeable investment sales and capital markets expertise to storage owners and investors nationwide. Since 1998, HFF has brokered or financed more than $2.2 billion in self storage transactions in more than 240 transactions, collectively making HFF one of the nation's leading self storage intermediaries as measured by transaction volume.

HFF delivers a complete range of storage solutions that includes: investment sales, debt placement, joint venture/equity placement, and consulting services. Our team-based platform offers an ideal structure to support institutional and private capital clients throughout every stage of their transaction process.

Self Storage Services

Self Storage Services

Investment Sales

Whether you are a single-property owner or an institutional investor with a nationwide storage portfolio, HFF can support every aspect of your self storage property transaction. Among the self storage investment sales resources available to HFF clients are our proprietary capital markets and storage investor databases; customized marketing strategies for every property listing; due diligence services for appraisals, property tours and third-party reports; and negotiation and contracting support.

HFF provides each client with a team-based platform that delivers specialized storage expertise at every stage of their transaction and supports optimal sales execution. Through our broad-based relationships with storage investors nationwide and transaction negotiation expertise, we can achieve premium pricing for self storage properties.

Debt Placement

Sourcing the right capital is critical to maximizing a self storage asset's performance and achieving investment goals. Using CapTrack, HFF's proprietary capital markets database, we educate clients on currently available debt opportunities and share capital markets knowledge that leads to creative storage property financing strategies.

HFF's self storage professionals have established relationships with insurance companies, investment banks, and pension funds that not only understand the intricacies of the storage property asset type, but also offer highly competitive terms and reliable market executions.

Our self storage property debt placement programs include:

  • fixed-rate loans
  • construction loans
  • forward loans
  • floating & adjustable-rate loans
  • construction/permanent loans
  • bridge/acquisition loans

Equity & Joint Ventures

Equity capital can represent the most critical and difficult component of a storage property transaction. Storage owners and investors nationwide turn to HFF for our expertise in identifying the most compatible and accretive equity capital alternatives for property acquisitions and recapitalizations.

Using a network of contacts built upon years of experience and relationship building, we create equity and joint venture capital opportunities through a myriad of financing sources, including insurance companies, pension funds and hybrid structures.

Our expertise includes:

  • single-asset joint ventures
  • entity investments and ventures
  • single-investor funds
  • preferred equity
  • UPREIT/DOWNREIT transactions
  • pre-sales

To help accomplish your capitalization goals, HFF contacts such sources as:

  • insurance companies
  • pension funds
  • agencies
  • capital and credit companies
  • REITs
  • investment banks
  • opportunity funds
  • hedge funds
  • endowment funds
  • foundations
  • advisors
  • trusts
  • high-net-worth individuals
  • domestic (regional to money-center) banks
  • foreign banks
  • domestic and foreign syndicators


HFF's self storage valuation and value enhancement consulting services help clients identify and boost a property's value, achieve significant cost savings, and maximize profit objectives.

For valuation assignments, we combine our knowledge of industry, demographic and market criteria with proprietary evaluation technology to deliver assessments that track extraordinarily close to a property's final sales price. We also interact daily with self storage investors nationwide to determine potential buyer profiles and further support realistic valuations that can help gauge client pricing expectations.

Our value enhancement consulting solutions focus on helping storage owners and investors with their long-term strategic planning, as well as achieving optimal pricing for property sales. These solutions address such issues as market update analyses, demographic and economic trend studies, competitive research, sales and marketing strategies, and capital markets challenges.

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